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Freedom Keepsafe

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This seems like a good idea – a paired set of two cards where you attach one to a device and put the other in your pocket. If they move more than 20 feet away, yours beeps.

It would be more helpful if the remote one beeped also so you could draw attention to the creep who’s walking off with your laptop, or find your dropped ipod or whatever.

UNH paper on the mechanics of widescale biodiesel production

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“In the United States, oil is primarily used for transportation – roughly two-thirds of all oil use, in fact. So, developing an alternative means of powering our cars, trucks, and buses would go a long way towards weaning us, and the world, off of oil. While the so-called “hydrogen economy” receives a lot of attention in the media, there are several very serious problems with using hydrogen as an automotive fuel. For automobiles, the best alternative at present is clearly biodiesel, a fuel that can be used in existing diesel engines with no changes, and is made from vegetable oils or animal fats rather than petroleum.

In this paper, I will first examine the possibilities of producing biodiesel on the scale necessary to replace all petroleum transportation fuels in the U.S.”

The history of breast augmentation

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As told through patent illustrations:

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