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Scooba mopping robot

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Now this, I might actually want.

iRobot announces a companion to the Roomba. It’s Scooba, the amazing mopping robot.

676,000 accounts stolen at multiple banks

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Fancy that. Yet another ID data theft.

‘CNN is reporting that about 676,000 bank accounts in at least four banks (Bank of America, Wachovia, Commerce Bancorp, and PNC Financial Services) have had personal information “illegally sold”.’

Look folks, banks – remember banks? The paragons of financial security, right? THEY HOLD YOUR MONEY FOR YOU TO KEEP IT SAFE. Banks. CAN. NOT. keep. your. data. safe. They can’t, they won’t, and they aren’t.

If not them, then who?

The only answer I can come up with is that this kind of data must simply not be aggregated. Once it’s all in one place, it’s a target that can’t be protected.

Useful LCD Dead Pixel Test Images

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Via Lifehacker:

Raspberry Fro-yo

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It’s warm enough to pull out the ice cream machine again. I’ve decided to try frozen yogurt this year. I found this recipe:

I’ve never made frozen yogurt before, but it seems about right – some milk to thin it out, cornstarch for a little body, and two kinds of sugar to keep crystals from forming. Raspberries are getting cheaper now, and they’re the best of the bunch (strawberries are varying now, and it’s too early for blueberries).

Plus, I get to use my new food processor to make the raspberry puree (when you puree seeded fruit in a food processor, remember to use the dough blade to avoid nicking the seeds, which can be bitter – that’s not noted in the recipe).

I’m also going to add an extra cup of lightly diced raspberries near the end of the freezing cycle, to give it a little more texture variety.


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Underwear that moisturizes your skin while you wear it.

Real ID Rebellion blog

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I’ve written before about why a National ID card, and particularly dependence on a National ID card, is actually likely to make us less safe, not more. This is a new blog collecting ways to fight it:

Can you form some sort of rudimentary lathe?

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Via Makeblog:

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