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This blog is largely deprecated, but is being preserved here for historical interest. Check out my index page at for more up to date info. My main trade is technology strategy, process/project management, and performance optimization consulting, with a focus on enterprise and open source CMS and related technologies. More information. I write periodic long pieces here, shorter stuff goes on twitter or


Reading and Blogging Britannica

A UC Berkeley student is reading the entire Encylopedia Britannica, and blogging the good bits. It’s healthy to have a hobby.

2 Responses to “Reading and Blogging Britannica”

  1. Andy R. Says:

    I saw your blog show up in my referrer so I came over here to take a look, except the link I followed was to the naked/sexy/daring category, so I saw only those posts. Except I didn’t realize that, and I thought I was looking at all your blog posts, so I saw the mention of my effort followed by post after post about sex, sex toys, pornography, and other naked/sexy topics.

    This concerned me, because as naked and sexy as I am in real life, I didn’t think I had done a good job of communicating that yet on my blog.

    Thanks for the link.

  2. adam Says:

    You’re welcome. I really wish I could have deliberately caused the confusion of seeing your blog linked as the only regular post in a sea of porn.

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