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Horse, barn door, something.

I got the new Fiona Apple album today. It came with huge labels, both on the box and the disc, reading:

“FBI Anti Piracy Warning: Unauthorized copying is punishable under federal law.”

Bang up job, folks.

Cool Guinness ad

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On responses to threats

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I love this comment on Bruce Schneier’s blog in reference to the recent NYC subway threat which turned out to be a hoax:

“Every time I read this kind of nonsense, I have a mental image of our government — from city level on up — as a strung-out derelict curled up in a fetal position in a corner, screaming about the spiders all over him as he clutches a bottle of cheap fortified wine cut with paint thinner.”

Unhappy Birthday

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This is a good page describing the legal situation surrounding the copyright of the song “Happy Birthday”.

Via Perry:

Tracking stock spam results

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A project to determine just how much money you’d lose if you bought every penny stock you got spam about.

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