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Rumours of Google acquisition of Opera

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Dear Google: Please stop buying good companies/developers and ruining them with your consumer unfriendly terms of service and loose privacy policies. Thanks a bunch. – Earth.

And I quote from Opera’s privacy policy (

No personal information is collected or shared, and providing ad profile information in the browser is strictly optional. The Opera user’s Web usage is not tracked.

There’s nothing like this in any Google policy, because this very idea is antithetical to Google’s philosophy, which wants to collect and know everything about you and use that to “improve the Google user experience”/stock price. This phrase in the Opera privacy policy is critical to what makes Opera any good at all. Let’s all gather round and keep an eye on that if this rumor turns out to be true.

Wireless USB hubs are starting to trickle in

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This is fantastic. Soon, any USB compatible device will also be a wireless device that can be located anywhere. Sort of. They don’t say explicitly, but I’m guessing that this won’t work with non-powered devices that draw power off the bus, such as tablets and some external drives. Still, this will be nice for relocating printers and such across the room without running cables.

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