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Oh, the hairmanity.

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Some sort of canonical list of bad 80s videos on YouTube.

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One Response to “Oh, the hairmanity.”

  1. daw Says:

    The awesomeness of this cannot be overstated. Personally, I particularly enjoyed seeing ‘Safety Dance’ for the first time in two decades, complete with the maypole-dancing midget right out of Spinal Tap. (’I think we’re alone now’ is also notable for the hair and shopping mall scenes.) The scary thing is that this huge list is only a tiny fraction of even just the cheesy 80s videos that are available there.

    I fear we are in a brief, shining era of youtube that will never survive the coming copyright apocalypse — it sort of reminds me of the good old days of the original napster. It is so abundantly clear that the free aggregation of this stuff makes us all richer every day; when it is inevitably blocked, we will all again be poorer.

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