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The state of Adobe RAW processing for the Canon 400D

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Camera RAW 3.5 doesnt support it. Camera RAW 3.6 will be out “soon”. My results with the Canon DPP processor have been pretty dismal. Lightroom Beta 4 is out, which does support it, but I haven’t really played with it yet, as it got a bit choked up (but hasn’t crashed yet) when I threw my 30,000+ photos into its library.

Some comments from Thomas Knoll (the man):

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3 Responses to “The state of Adobe RAW processing for the Canon 400D”

  1. Dave Hodgkinson Says:

    Can you not bulk convert to an agnostic format like DNG?

    Or get a camera with decent support like Nikon?

  2. Dave Hodgkinson Says:

    Hm, the emoticon got stripped from that last comment, sorry!

  3. adam Says:

    Hey… Canon released the 400D a full month earlier than they said they would, and the software hasn’t caught up yet. I’m not going to complain too hard. :)

    Actually, it seems that Lightroom 4 beta will convert to DNG, but I don’t think the Canon DPP software will.

    DNG is interesting to me, but I think it would be more practical if it was output by the cameras directly. I haven’t been keeping extra copies of my RAW files in DNG, although I’ll probably go back and convert all of my Digital Rebel and XT RAW files once I get some kind of high capacity recordable disc technology.

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