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Does your old PS2 play dual-layer DVD games?

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I have an old Playstation 2 (30001 series). It has never played dual-layer DVD movies – it plays the first layer, and then freezes. Everyone I know with this model has the same issue with it. It was never a problem, because all of the games on DVD that I had were single layer. But now they’ve started releasing games on dual-layer DVD, notably God of War 2. And, of course, it won’t play on my old player. The official word from Sony is that this is a problem isolated to my machine (which also, incidentally, has stopped playing the purple CD-ROM games too), and they want me to pay $45 for a refurbished machine of the same old model. Before I do that, I’d like to locate some corroborating opinions.

Do you have an older PS2? Can it play God of War 2?

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3 Responses to “Does your old PS2 play dual-layer DVD games?”

  1. foxius Says:

    try Toxic Dual Layer Patcher. my friend was able to God of War 2 with an old PS2 (i’m not sure which model).

  2. adam Says:

    To be clear, I’m less interested in getting that machine to play that specific game than I am in getting Sony to acknowledge the problem.

  3. cadbury Says:

    i’m with you on that adam
    they sell a special features disc with gow2,
    instead of making two single layered dvds?????????
    there is nothing low budget about this game
    they should have put in the extra effort

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