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I think there’s a cultural divide here

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Al Qaeda had plans to kidnap Russell Crowe as part of a “cultural destabilization plan”.,10117,12475653-26618,00.html

Prion-inactivating detergent

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For cleaning surgical instruments potentially contaminated with vCJD and other prions.

CF card for Apple II

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Are people just stupid?

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Would someone please explain to me why the very public exploitation of T-mobile’s notably bad security has resulted in an increase in sales of the Sidekick II?

Do people go shopping for a cell phone and think “Hmmm… today, I’d like to be like that Paris Hilton. Maybe my data will end up on the internet and people will gather round and just throw piles of money at my head and I’ll get to have sex.” ???

They keep your data, they take poor care of it, and THEY’RE SELLING LIKE HOTCAKES.

I don’t get it. I’m completely at a loss. What’s the motivation here?

Star Trek rant

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This guy is pissed off because of the “surprise” ending planned for Enterprise. He’s right that Rick Berman and Brannon Braga are the reason that Star Trek sucks. But personally, I don’t think Enterprise ever even had a chance to be good, and getting mad at them because they ruined a failed endeavor with a stupid predictable twist is misplaced anger. Be mad at them because they made it in the first place.

Spoilers, if you care about Enterprise:

My optimization services

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I launched the first of my optimization kickstart consulting packages. This one focuses on MySQL. If you use MySQL, and you’re having performance issues, need a tuneup, or just aren’t getting the performance you need, I can help you.

47 surfers ride 40-foot board

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