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This blog is largely deprecated, but is being preserved here for historical interest. Check out my index page at for more up to date info. My main trade is technology strategy, process/project management, and performance optimization consulting, with a focus on enterprise and open source CMS and related technologies. More information. I write periodic long pieces here, shorter stuff goes on twitter or


Clothing vs. Naked

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I find clothing/naked side by side photographs very interesting, boobies aside.

(Update: apparently, there are a lot more of them here:

You’ll burn in the fires of Mount Doom for this

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It’s pretty near the top of the list of things we didn’t need – the Lord of the Rings musical.

DHTML drag and drop image library

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That’s totally cool.

It’s a javascript library that lets you make images and blocks on the page draggable and resizeable. And it’s cross-platform/cross-browser.

Butler turns the tables on Google Autolink

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Butler is a user script for Greasemonkey, that autolinks Google results to competing services. I’m curious to see how they like it, given that they think it’s okay to do to others.

ICANN blames MelbourneIT for panix domain hijack

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“ICANN considers this to have been one of the more serious breaches of its policies by an accredited registrar. We are also very concerned by Melbourne IT’s explanation that the incident happened because Melbourne IT had purportedly ‘delegated’ to a reseller the critical responsibility for obtaining the consent of the registrant prior to submitting a transfer request to the registry [...] While we appreciate Melbourne IT’s report that it has withdrawn the offending resellerís ability to independently initiate transfers, Melbourne IT has indicated that it intends to continue to operate under agreements with other resellers that provide that Melbourne IT will not directly and independently verify the intent of registrants prior to initiating transfer requests.”

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