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Why photo editing is important

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While looking at Kottke’s pictures from Paris, I immediately noticed that he’s got a good eye. But here’s why photography, in my mind, is not just about taking good pictures, but also about solid editing.

Here’s one I particularly liked:

Kottke Original

I spent about 15 minutes with this, adding sharpening (big difference!), tightening up the color curves, and cropping a little. Granted, I’m making some assumptions about what the day looked like, but I didn’t get the sense that it was really hazy there.

Adam Fields Edit

In this particular case, the yellow hose here is such a defining factor that I might even go one step further and give it a real focus:

Adam Fields Black and White Edit

But maybe that’s too much.

These edited images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

One Response to “Why photo editing is important”

  1. Rob Hilken Says:

    Why photo editing is important
    I agree that Photoshop is the new darkroom and images do need a bit of tweaking to get the maximum impact out of each photo, but I dont like what Adam has done to the photo in the example he gave.

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