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Crappy new Freedom Tower panned by the NYTimes

Since when does “one tower” evoke “two towers”?

A blistering indictment of Mozilla’s security process

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“There is no doubt that Mozilla has walked into an agenda capture process. It specifically excluded one CA,, for what appears to be competitive reasons. Microsoft enters these things frequently for the purposes of a) knowing what people are up to, and b) controlling them. (Nothing wrong with that, unless you aren’t Microsoft.) At least one of the participants in the process is in the throes of selling a product to others, one that just happens to leave itself in control. The membership itself is secret, as are the minutes, etc etc.”

IRS chooses ChoicePoint for records access

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Ironically, the headline of this article is “IRS search for public records access ends with ChoicePoint”. Ha!

“The Internal Revenue Service has awarded ChoicePoint Government Services a contract worth as much as $20 million to serve as the agency’s public records provider for batch processing projects, according to the company.”


So, being the target of the data breach du jour is now your ticket to FAT FAT GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS.

Oh, but wait, that was four or five months ago. Everyone must have forgotten about it by now.


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