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~50 banks exposed in ID keylogger spyware theft

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The guys at Sunbelt have discovered a massive ID theft ring running a spyware pingback keylogger collecting lots of personal data.

“This is a very different type of trojan than others, because how it transmits data back. To our knowledge, it’s the first of its kind. So get a software firewalll in place that has outbound protection.”

Kottke asks “what’s next for the internet?”

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I’m waiting for the computers to get out of the way.

Kottke says: ‘”Web 2.0″ arrived a year or two ago at least and we’re still talking about it like it’s just around the corner. What else is out there?’

I think that all of this stuff is still too difficult to use, and it’s spread out to too many services that don’t sufficiently talk to each other, and it’s not sufficiently preserved as raw data. Where are the other services supporting Flickr’s API on the receiving side, so tools built for flickr can just work with those other services too? It’s not a standard if no one else does it. Why can’t I download all of my pictures from flickr without writing some code? Why can’t I see my favorites as a set of links? Why can’t I browse links as Flickr sets?

What’s missing is the usability layer that makes it possible to use all of these services together without writing to their individual APIs.

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