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AFP photo feed describes white people as “finding food”, black people as “looting”

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[Update: I originally said: "Way to go for racial equality!", and I think it's important to temper that with the comments below. ]

Screencaps here:

[ Update: There are some clarifications, including a copy of an email from the person who wrote one of the captions, here: ]

How to back up your tablet settings

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If you have a Wacom tablet, here’s how to back up your app settings:

Ad-free Opera for today only

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If you download Opera 8.02 today, you can get a free ad-free registration code (actually, I don’t think you even need to download it – just email them). I don’t know if there’s any special reason, or they’re just trying to build user base.

Opera 8 is a substantial improvement over 7. I’ve been using it again for the past month or so. There are still minor compatibility glitches with things that assume you have Mozilla or IE, but overall, it’s very stable and fast. I’ve heard good things about the included mail client, too, but I haven’t used it.

Via Jeff:

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