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Akane apples are in

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Akane apples are absolutely, bar none, my favorite kind of apple. To me, they embody everything an apple should be.

They’re reddish/greenish (but sometimes bright red) with a pale interior. They’re crisp, tart, sweet, and have a complex perfume. They have a little scent on the outside, but when you bite into one and smell the flesh, it’s filled with an incredibly deep aroma. They have a slightly acidic aftertaste that persists in all of the right ways.

I had them once a few years ago, and haven’t seen them until today, when I found them again at the greenmarket at Union Square. They’re from Samascott Orchards, and they said they’d be in for about 8 more weeks.

Get ‘em while you can.

2 Responses to “Akane apples are in”

  1. Dave Hodgkinson Says:


    Egremont Russet and Cox’s Orange Pippin.

    Everything else sucks.

  2. adam Says:

    Everyone’s entitled to their misguided opinions.

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