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This blog is largely deprecated, but is being preserved here for historical interest. Check out my index page at for more up to date info. My main trade is technology strategy, process/project management, and performance optimization consulting, with a focus on enterprise and open source CMS and related technologies. More information. I write periodic long pieces here, shorter stuff goes on twitter or


Today, the voice of reason will be played by John Perry Barlow

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He’s got the right idea. Conversations, forgiveness, understanding, acceptance, unity, and progress.

Revisited purple map as a cartogram

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An answer to the question:

"Can you warp the counties so that each county’s area is proportional to its total vote count? Such warped maps are called cartograms."

There has got to be a business opportunity here

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Guardian claims that the IMDB is Hollywood’s biggest dating tool.,4120,1344653,00.html

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