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Non-wacko on exit poll results

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Steven Freeman is a U. Penn professor. This paper is an analysis of the lack of evidence that the exit polls are anything other than correct, and elaborating that “no explanations of the discrepancy have yet been provided” despite the fact that most of the media has simply pushed the story aside. Basically, the point is this: either the exit poll data is wrong in some way that hasn’t been clarified, or the count is off. Regardless of which one is true, it is imperative that we know which, and why.

JWZ says "I am bored and somewhat dizzy…"

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"…and you will entertain me now. Post a funny picture. Or tell me about some freakish trick you can do with your body. I’ll start: due to a second grade monkeybar mishap, I can pop my right shoulder out of its socket."

And so it goes:

New Logitech speakers actually go to 11

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Wow, took them long enough.,1412,65686,00.html

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