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All kinds of Windows XP performance tweaks

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This is a great, deep resource.

Tips for not raising suspicion when you take pictures in public

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Not so much tips as a case study, but interesting nonetheless.

It’s got this gem in it:

"Beyond these limited steps, the Investigator agreed that there was little a photographer could do to avoid coming under suspicion in these troubled times."

If only I could concentrate and smoke the naked people

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‘Internet pornography is the new crack cocaine, leading to addiction, misogyny, pedophilia, boob jobs and erectile dysfunction, according to clinicians and researchers testifying before a Senate committee Thursday.

Witnesses before the Senate Commerce Committee’s Science, Technology and Space Subcommittee spared no superlative in their description of the negative effects of pornography.

Mary Anne Layden, co-director of the Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Cognitive Therapy, called porn the "most concerning thing to psychological health that I know of existing today."’,1282,65772,00.html

Anti-abortion provision neatly tucked into omnibus spending bill.

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"The abortion language would bar federal, state and local agencies from withholding taxpayer money from health care providers that refuse to provide or pay for abortions or refuse to offer abortion counseling or referrals."

As we’ve discussed here before, I think it’s the referrals part that really sticks this.

Via Mr. Zeau:

Artificial homes for hermit crabs

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"Right now, 30 percent of all hermit crabs on our shorelines are living in shells that are too small for them. In the springtime, when the animal has its growth spurt, this shortage skyrockets to 60 percent. Hermit crabs, whose own bodies provide only thin exoskeletons, must scavenge and appropriate hard-walled shells abandoned by marine gastropods for shelter. The problem is that there currently are not enough shells left on our beaches for hermit crabs to use. This situation is not only uncomfortable but dire."

Data Mining the Senate

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“With this data we can do many interesting visualizations and analyses that will be discussed in the next section. We will learn how influential each senator is, how influential are individual states, which senators voted most similarly, and which blocs seem to exist in the US Senate.”

Canadian NDP wants to ban trans fats

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