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Physics of BMX

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Physicist uses computer models to predict the limits of BMX tricks, then arranges a road show to demonstrate them and get people interested in physics, as part of “Einstein Year”.


‘The stunt was created by Cambridge physicist Helen Czerski in collaboration with professional BMX rider Ben Wallace. Ms Czerski claims the stunt is “pushing the boundaries of what it is humanly possible to do on a bike”.

Mr Wallace, 18, a competitor in extreme sports events around the world, will launch off a 1.8m (6ft) high ramp and spin backwards through 360 degrees while simultaneously folding his bike underneath him in a move known to BMX devotees as a ‘tabletop’.

At one point, onlookers should see him upside down, travelling at 15mph, with his head almost 4m off the floor.’,3604,1383137,00.html

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