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Last night, we were invited for drinks at a preview opening for Bed NY, a new restaurant opening tonight. The space is a pretty impressive loft. The bar is in the middle, flanked by a speckled curved wall onto which video can be projected. A number of bed/dining lounges lined the edges of the room. I was a bit surprised to see the central space largely taken up by a few giant tables instead of keeping with the “dining in bed” motif.

Alas, we did not get to sample the food, but the drinks were quite tasty. Very fresh fruit, high-end potables. I highly recommend the “Pussy Galore” – a plum-infused apple sake martini. Normally, I steer clear of apple martinis, the grand forefather of crappy overpriced drinks, but I find them irresistable when they’re made with fresh juice.

I don’t know if I’m fully convinced by the “dining in bed” trope – a number of the people eating looked a bit, let’s say, unfamiliar. I think I would have gone with more of a reclining Roman couch feel. Still, the space is wide open and comfortable, the drinks are fresh and interesting. If the food is up to the same level, it’ll be worth it.

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