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Bugs Bunny to be reincarnated as a solarized time traveling martial arts expert who shoots laser beams from his eyes.

“What we’re doing is taking Bugs Bunny, a classic and changing him for the kids – making him fresh, cool and hip.”

But does he speak “leet”?!

Was this information useful, l33t h4×0r?

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Microsoft instructional page on how to speak “leet”.

New Canon cameras I immediately want

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Digital Rebel XT is an 8MP, no-startup time, E-TTL II, DIGIC II, 2nd curtain sync, mirror lock-up, 25% smaller, 10% lighter version of the Digital Rebel. And it comes in black. For under $1000.

Also, there are new 5MP (SD400) and 7MP (SD500) minimicro pocket sized doodads:

I can almost heard the gentle bread browning and butter spreading as Nikon becomes toast.

Yahoo and Google take different evil baby steps

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So I noticed that sometime in the past few days, Yahoo has started tracking outbound links. When you do a search on Yahoo, say… for “stuff”, you get this page, on which all of the links for results are filtered through one of yahoo’s servers, so they can see what you actually clicked on. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t always the case, but I could have missed it.

The links look like this:*-http%3A//

Meanwhile, Google has resurrected Microsoft’s much-reviled Smart Tags, in the form of Autolink on the Google Toolbar. Google has decided in their infinite wisdom that, for example, anything that looks like an address should link to Google Maps. I fail to see how this was monopolistic behavior on the part of Microsoft but it’s totally okay for Google. There’s actually a word for this kind of unsupervised, non-user-controlled substitution… it’s “hijacking”.

Evil? Maybe. Potential for evil? Certainly. I’d call them “evil baby steps”. But both of these things certainly bear some discussion.

Wordpress 1.5 is out

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I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like there’s some nice improvement there.

I really hate the new Kubrick theme though. It looks just like all the other “generoblogs”. And one of the things that originally drew me to Wordpress was that, unlike many of the others systems, the default layout was both attractive and used the entire width of the screen. Oh well. At least you can change it easily.

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