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Kottke goes full time

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Good for him. I hope it works out for him. I’m still not sure this is any different from being an unemployed blogger except that you’re asking for money instead of not.

New Dyson cleaner orders its own spare parts

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“The gizmo alerts the user if it has broken down or needs a replacement part. The owner then dials the number of the Dyson call centre and holds the telephone receiver to the vacuum cleaner. The machine transmits a message telling engineers what’s wrong and orders any new part it needs.”,,2-2005083127,00.html

Great hacking story on German rent-a-bikes

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Bruce Schneier relates a great story about hacking rent-a-bikes in Berlin. The hack is interesting, non-obvious, somewhat conscientious (they only made it so you can use bikes for free if they’re sitting idle). Probably still not nice, but it’s a good read.

eBay scams now using eBay servers

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How is it possible that eBay lets you redirect to arbitrary servers?

Rule number one of web application security is “Don’t trust user input”. Even worse than this is that they know about it and can’t easily fix it. That means they’ve probably got this problem copied all over the place.

(Note: Spoofstick sees through this.)

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