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Is it porn if there’s no nudity?

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I’m leaning towards yes.

Chief Privacy Officer of Gator appointed to DHS privacy committee


AP adds RSS feeds

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This, I think, is huge.

Battlestar Galactica first episode is online

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I really like the new Battlestar Galactica. The plot’s pretty tight, all of the characters are interesting and well-cast, the sound engineering is fantastic, the special effects are good, the space combat has mostly realistic physics, and the cinematography is interesting.

This episode also has a great premise.

Using a proxy with firefox

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If you want to use an anonymizing proxy like Tor with firefox, you’re not going to want to use it all the time. Bouncing your traffic around takes a long time, and it will hurt your performance as a tradeoff. While you can set an individual proxy setting to not be applied for certain sites, this is generally a pain to manage.

It’s much easier with the SwitchProxy extension, which lets you set up multiple proxy profiles, and change proxy settings from the toolbar instead of going through the options dialog.

I smell bacon!

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