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Tivo lives!

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Apparently, Tivo has signed a HUGE partnership deal with Comcast, stopping the Tivo Death Clock. The initial term of the deal is seven years. This is great, and I hope they sign a similar deal with the other cable companies. The idea of anyone out there using a Scientific Atlanta DVR and thinking “this is what it’s all about?” gives me the shivers. Congratulations to Tivo!

“On March 15, 2005, we entered into a non-exclusive licensing and marketing agreement with Comcast STB Software DVR, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Comcast Corporation, and Comcast Corporation, as guarantor of Comcast STB’s obligations under the agreement. Pursuant to our agreement, we have agreed to develop a TiVo-branded software solution for deployment on Comcast’s DVR platforms, which would enable any TiVo-specific DVR and networking features requested by Comcast, such as WishList^™ searches, Season Pass^™ recordings, home media features, and TiVoToGo^™ transfers. In addition, we have agreed to develop an advertising management system for deployment on Comcast platforms to enable the provision of local and national advertising to Comcast subscribers.”

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