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Now THAT is a very good question.

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Bush supporters, there’s a question for you – ‘why does the Bush-Cheney campaign assume people wearing shirts that say “Protect Our Civil Liberties” are opposed to the president’s re-election?’. Politics

Thoughts on Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars Part 1

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Thoughts on the Farscape miniseries part 1, some spoilers inside.


Bush Killed Superman

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“Because George W. Bush created simple-minded rules founded in personal religious dogma. His ban on federal funding of new stem cell line research prevents the full scientific exploration for cures to human disease. Now we will never know: Christopher might be alive today if George W. Bush didn’t make such a wrong-headed decision.”

Bush Killed Superman

D&D 30th anniversary this weekend

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Many many hours spent warping my brain, but you know, it’s really hard to kill a lich. So it was totally worth it.

MSNBC – Dungeons & Dragons marks 30th anniversary

Sushi USB drives

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Sushi USB drives.

Via .


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New site for aggregating and distributing political videos:

Tampa Tribune withholds Bush endorsement

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Apparently, the Tampa Tribune is pretty conservative, and they’ve just
run an editorial entitled "Why We Cannot Endorse President Bush For

‘[...] we are unable to endorse President Bush for re- election
because of his mishandling of the war in Iraq, his record deficit
spending, his assault on open government and his failed promise to be
a "uniter not a divider" within the United States and the world.

Neither can we endorse Sen. Kerry, whose undistinguished Senate record
stands at odds with our conservative principles and whose positions on
the Iraq war – the central issue in this campaign – have been
difficult to distinguish or differentiate.’

Testing your digital camera’s resolution

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This is supposed to be a free non-commercial version of an ISO12233
resolution testing chart. I don’t have any experience with "official"
ones, but this seems like it might be useful.

Marvel Comics animated Avengers movie voice talent search

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Marvel Comics is running an open voice talent search for Black Widow,
Captain America, Iron Man, Nick Fury, Thor, Giant Man, and The Wasp.

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