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Piggyback heart transplants

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"Double hearts are a good choice for patients whose heart problems
cause extremely high blood pressure in the pulmonary artery [...] Such
a problem generally can’t be solved by replacing the ailing heart with
a donor heart because the new one can’t adapt quickly enough to handle
the excess pressure built up in the lungs."

Via Anne:

Oni was not a flop!

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Kotaku has written a harsh review of Oni.

I think this is unfair. Quite to the contrary, I thought that Oni was one of the best games I’d ever played. Perhaps the PS2 version didn’t compare, but the PC version was outstanding. Maybe the levels were “featureless”, but the overall architectural design was impressive, the levels were large and engaging, and very well laid out for interesting fights. The controls were a bit difficult, but very satisfying once I got the hang of them (and configurable, a rarity for other games I was playing at the same time). The focus on hand-to-hand combat (with very smooth physics, also a rarity among other games) meant that stealth and strategy were important, and you couldn’t just charge through the combat. The plot was engaging and interesting, and the pacing was very good.

Come on – is it really fair to pick on a game for ending up in the bargain bin when it’s over 3 years old?

Playable HHGTTG text adventure on the BBC site

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I loved this game. There are a number of versions out there. This one
is nicely illustrated.

Via Anne:

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