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The Economist endorses Kerry

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But you know, that’s just more left-wing propaganda.

Via HK:

Mail ordering

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Jeremy Zawodny asks “is your inbox a stack or a queue”?

I’d have to say it’s a loosely linked queue with some arbitrary graph functionality. I use mutt for the majority of my mail, with the newest messages at the bottom. More importantly, I use mutt’s threaded viewing, which I’ve illustrated with an example of why this is important here.

Cary Tennis on why you should stay

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I felt sad for the loss of the Mr. Blue column, and I was initially not happy with Cary Tennis as a replacement. But he’s grown on me.

Indoor cat food

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As you may know, we have three cats.

We switched to Nutro Complete Care Indoor Senior food about two months ago, and it’s worked great – the litter box smells less, they have many fewer hairballs, and there’s generally a lot less shedding.

Highly recommended.

If you have cats younger than 7 years old, use the regular formula:

My eclipse photos

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Wish I’d had a longer lens or a telescope with a photo mount, but some of them came out pretty good.

City Lights competition winners

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Remember that contest to design a new NYC streetlight?

Here are the winners:


Misaddressed emails from the Bush campaign

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I find it incredibly ironic that, yet again, Republicans don’t understand the difference between corporate and non-profit.

Them internets is confusing.

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