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New Yorker on Bush failures

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Facts. Facts. Facts. (Lies.*) Facts.

The New Yorker steps back for a minute, and examines the actual record of the Bush administration. Read this.

Via Mayur:

(Incidentally, Mayur put it in slightly looser terms, but who else is psyched that the mainstream media has finally grown some fucking balls?!? Imagine that!)

* (You can’t see me!)


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The world’s first portable satellite radio. We have an XM radio in the car and a PC receiver. I really like XM Radio, for no reason I can articulate other than "I can always find a station I’d rather stay on than turn off". There you go.

The Tasting Room gets a little big for itself

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I trust the Zagat ratings less and less as time goes by. The Tasting Room is good, and it’s certainly cozy (that’s code for “one too many tables packed into this tiny space but you have to forgive them because running a restaurant in NYC is really hard”). I enjoyed my meal there a lot, but it really didn’t take my breath away, and I can’t say that I think they deserve such a high rating. Granted, they aim high. But if you’re going to serve foie gras, you’re going up against some masters. It goes without saying that the foie gras at Per Se was better, but that’s not really a fair comparison. But in the same price range, I preferred the foie gras at Le Jardin Bistro.

The Hot Plate : Just a Taste

This ring opens up into brass knuckles

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Are Republicans less fertile?

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Okay, that subject line is a bit facetious, but this is a cool population change map from April 2000 – July 2003.

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