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This blog is largely deprecated, but is being preserved here for historical interest. Check out my index page at for more up to date info. My main trade is technology strategy, process/project management, and performance optimization consulting, with a focus on enterprise and open source CMS and related technologies. More information. I write periodic long pieces here, shorter stuff goes on twitter or


Blogging vs. slogging vs. communities vs. vs. bloglines

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I have lots of online outlets in which to share interesting things.

Here’s how I decide what goes where.

  • Things I want to find again later or use on the web, I post to I also use this for things which have a lot of related links that I want to direct people to all at once, but where the set may change. Like firefox extensions I use.
  • Speaking of firefox, pages I want to read later that may disappear, or which I want to read offline, I save with slogger.
  • Anything I find interesting and timely or comment on extensively, I post to my blog. These are likely not “things I want to find again”, but just things I find interesting now, although there’s some overlap.
  • General, food-related, and photo questions currently go to Ask Metafilter, Chowhound, and, respectively. I try to also answer questions I can there.
  • Any online resource with an rss or atom feed that I like and want to keep tabs on gets added to my bloglines feeds.

Now is the time of year when we play TIA Santa

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Secret Santa is so 20th Century.

I invented an alternative – Total Information Awareness Santa. Not only is it not a secret, but you have to follow your target around for a few days and conduct interviews with their associates, collecting evidence about what they really need and want. Sharing databases is encouraged, as is paying exorbitant consulting fees to data integration experts.

Motorola may be preparing StarTac 2004

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Although, at this point, it ought to be StarTac 2005.

But anyway, yay! I remember when the StarTac was the only cellphone to have. Mototola owned pretty much the entire market, and they pissed it away. The Razr and now this seem to be getting back to where they shine – SMALL AND FUNCTIONAL.

IBM may be selling their PC division

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Of the computers I own, half of the dektops and all of the laptops are IBM.

They’ve always been more expensive than other brands, but especially in laptops, they’ve made up for it by being exceptionally high quality, which is especially important in a computer you carry around with you all the time. It saddens me that they can’t make enough money on them. I hope whatever company ends up with them keeps them as cutting edge as they have been.

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