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Adult internet TV is about to hit

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Unrestricted adult programming. Some porn, but not all porn. Sitcoms, dramas, news (?), etc… Just like a regular TV station, but with cursing, violence, nudity, and fucking. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner.,1284,66127,00.html

Not the brightest marketing move

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“Whole Foods Markets is reconsidering whether to continue selling a line of microwaveable stuffed animals that an educator said could lead children to believe there is nothing wrong with putting their pets in household appliances.”

How did this get past the focus groups?!?

NYC murder rate is down AGAIN

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While I’m sure at least some of this is due to the valiant efforts of our ER and paramedic staff (people are less likely to actually die when attacked), and I’ve noticed an increase in news reporting of other street crimes (even if they’ve actually declined overall), it seems that, for the 14th year in a row, the NYC murder rate is down…

So, I extend a general thanks to the rest of New York, for less killing of each other.

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