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Automatic keyword news filtering

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A thought occurred to me while thinking about the automatic keyword ad serving problem of avoiding potentially sensitive subjects – it’s probably possible to monitor something like this:

for related keywords and use those as the starting point for topics to avoid. There’s no reason to try to make this fully automated – let the distributed meat machine work for you.

Amazing cardstacker gallery

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Vegan-approved condoms

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The Incredibles and the FF

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It looks like The Incredibles has really fucked things up for the Fantastic Four movie.

The Sri Lankan animals all got away

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22,000 people dead along the Indian Ocean coast, and all of the animals escaped. I guess this is what happens when you build houses and stuff.

New York City Walk

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A Columbia librarian walked every street in Manhattan between May 2002 and December 2004.

His website, with lots of pictures, is here:

The dangers of context-sensitive ads

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The feedburner rss feed Amazon ad insertion service is serving inappropriate ads.

I believe the Google context-sensitive ad service takes measures to prevent this sort of thing. They all should.

This is a screen capture from my bloglines page (not my blog):

Tsunami ad screenshot

I’ve notified feedburner of this, but I think it’s important to think about the implications in general. If we’re going to start inserting context-sensitive ads all over the place, there ought to be a little sensitivity to, say, the death of more than 75,000 people.

Amazon has one-click tsunami aid donations

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Amazon has added a 1-click donation page for tsunami aid donations. As of the time of this writing, they’ve collected almost $1.6M. If you haven’t given already, please consider it.

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