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Adam responds to Rick Berman

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“Rick Berman, executive producer of the just-cancelled Star Trek: Enterprise, told SCI FI Wire that he was surprised not by UPN’s decision, but by the fact that viewers continued to tune out the series despite a marked improvement in quality, strong reviews and guest appearances by the likes of Brent Spiner.”

Newsflash: Enterprise was bad. Bad bad bad. Deserve-to-die bad.

I actually gave the show another chance – I watched the Brent Spiner episodes. Or at least, I started to – I couldn’t get through even two. The writing was terrible, the plot was listless and uninteresting, and none of the characters had anything to even vaguely recommend them.

As far as I can tell from the timelines and interviews, everything good about Star Trek left with Michael Piller, who seemed to really understand what made the shows compelling.

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