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The sad state of politics and media

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Jon Stewart appears on Crossfire, and tears them a new asshole.

While we were sleeping, all of the “serious” media was co-opted by those with an agenda against that of the common good. Ironically, the humorists are now painting the only realistic picture left, and most of the “real” journalists are part of the soulless charade. This spectacle of blithering partisan nothingness sickens me to my very core.

God save the funnyman!

Now, more than ever, is the time to call out the lies for what they are. I’m sorry, but not all opinions are equal. There may be more than one right answer, but some are just wrong. All I ask, and what we need, is a little honesty. No, a lot of honesty.

“We need help… from the media… and they’re hurting us.” Jon, I feel your pain. Politics

CNN Transcript

Video Clip (more on if this one doesn’t work.)

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