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A misguided Democrat for Bush

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This is an article about a Democrat who’s voting for Bush, on just one argument – the “War on Terror”. She thinks that Bush will find the terrorists and “bring them to justice” or something, and that Kerry just doesn’t have the chops to fight the war.

She says: ‘I will be one of the millions voting for Bush because I trust the president�s judgment on the war on terror more than Kerry�s. In this election, I am a single-issue voter. It is that simple. Even in the New York metropolis, there are more of us out there than he imagines.’

This makes no sense to me. The “War on Terror” has been an unmitigated disaster, and worldwide terrorism is up. There are lots of references out there. Here’s one. Who’s safer? I certainly don’t feel safer. I feel incredibly freaked out by the misguided vague “terror warnings” that our government has been putting out. Does a “general sense of Orange alert” really help anyone? Does unquestioned jailing of people who later turn out to be innocent really help anyone? Does the sacrifice of civil liberties for “security” really help anyone?

Okay, I’ll admit that there were fewer terrorist attacks in the US this year than there were in 2001. I don’t believe that it’s because of the steadfast policies of this administration. Unquestionably, this nation was led to war on false pretenses (whether or not ousting Saddam Hussein was a good idea “in general”), with a web of misinformation and, yes, let’s call them – lies. Lies lies lies. When people lie, I have this nasty habit of expecting them to lie again, and I believe that we’re less safe as a result.

Sorry, but… just sorry. I walked away from the towers collapsing, and it happened on their watch. I sat in shock, covered with a memory of the fine grey dust, as I found out that this man, who was supposed to lead us, sat for a while reading to a classroom of children after finding out that we had been attacked. I watched in awe as our attention was turned back to the bugaboo of the past, ignoring a cornered, cowering enemy in the mountains, and squandered the goodwill of the rest of the world. America is supposed to lead, and instead, we trample.

Sorry, Mr. Bush, you don’t speak for me.

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