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Oh, it looks like just so much goodness

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“I understand that in the movie, Zaphod’s second head is inside his nostril. And this all ties in with the increased prominence of the Church Of Arkleseizure in the movie (a race with fifty noses, and the first to develop the aerosol deodorant before the wheel) and their leader John Malkovich, who also has a second head, and Zaphod’s unwillingness to sneeze.” Update: I’m informed that this isn’t true. It still looks good!

2 Responses to “Oh, it looks like just so much goodness”

  1. Paul Says:

    Zaphod’s second head isn’t up his nose. It’s on top of his first head Check out It seems he, in effect, will have two faces rather than two heads. Personally, I’d have stuck with something more than the BBC version from the TV series. But I’m still looking forward to the film (even if Ford doesn’t speak with a Guildford accent).

  2. adam Says:

    Fair enough. I’m just giddy about Sam Rockwell as Zaphod. I love that guy’s work, and I think he’s massively underrated.

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